A different type of Valentines Day

Rides at Leeds Valentines fair.
Over 100 attractions could be enjoyed at Leeds Valentines fair 2017.

Surrounding Elland Road, Leeds Valentines fair returned to the city last week for the 26th year.

Valentine’s Day has always split the nation; some people embrace the celebration, whilst others prefer to ignore it completely.

However, the fair gives the chance for couples, families and friends to celebrate love without the soppiness usually associated with the day.

Kerry Maule, Made in Leeds TV presenter, commented: “At night it looks very fun and colourful. For a fair, the rides offered something for all the family, but the setting felt like a typical dungy fair.”

But, perhaps the slightly tacky feel is what gives the fair its charm. Yes, it might not be the bottle of champagne and expensive dinner you had been hoping for, but it offers something different.

Leeds Valentines fair was the first of its kind in Europe when it started in 1992 and is still the biggest to this day, attracting thousands of people from across Yorkshire.

This year also saw the introduction of some new rides, including a 33-metre-high observation wheel, giving customers a chance to see Leeds from new heights.

It’s fun and it’s for everyone and that’s what celebrating love should be all about; the perfect valentines gift.

Leeds Valentines fair 33-metre-high observatory wheel.
The 33-metre-high observatory wheel was a new ride at the Valentines fair this year.

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